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Copyright Issues

We do our best to find movies that are truly in the public domain; however, for movies made after 1923, it can be difficult to determine the copyright status with 100% accuracy.

Movies that were made earlier than 1923 are most likely public domain. This is due to their copyright expiring before the new 1998 copyright law came into affect.

Films made after 1923 can be tricky when it comes to copyright because there are several parts of the work that must be considered. For example, the storyline, the music, and other elements can all have copyright claims.

We use a few sources when trying to determine a film’s copyright status:

  • U.S Copyright Office

Some reasons why a work might be public domain:

  • Expired copyright
  • Failure to provide a copyright notice
  • Deliberate release into public domain
  • Work of the US Government

If a movie has been mistakenly listed on this website as public domain, please contact us and we will look into the matter as soon as possible.

Use our contact form - click here.

It’s not our objective to disregard someone’s ownership and copyright claim to any part of a movie. We respect the law and will promptly remove any movie from this website that is still under copyright.

Please note that all movies listed on this website ( are served from computers that we do not control. All movies are actually located on,, or under accounts that are not our own. We do this partly because we do not have the resources to upload and store the movies ourselves.

Please direct all legal notices to the proper hosting company as we can do nothing about what or the other video websites choose to do.

Our purpose is to be a great source of old movies that are in the public domain. is meant to be a fun and entertaining website that can be accessed by anyone – freely and easily.

Don Rock