This category contains movies that are of the scifi genre.
The Alien Factor: An alien ship crashes on Earth near a small town with zoo specimens on board. The specimens get loose, and soon the town folk are hurting. Directed by Don Dohler. * NOT RATED * [1978](1hr 23min) The Amazing Transparent Man: A man with delusions of grandeur persuades a scientist to develop a way to make folks invisible. Things go bad when a test subject becomes aware of certain undesirable side-effects. Staring: Marguerite Chapman and Douglas Kennedy. Public domain status: Good. [1960](57min) The Flying Serpent: An archaeologist discovers an ancient Aztecean serpent and uses it to carry out his dirty deeds. Starring George Zucco. [1946](1hr) Invasion of the Bee Girls: Strange experiments turn women into queen bees who seduce men and kill them. A government agent is then sent in to investigate. Starring William Smith. [1973](1hr 26min) The Lost World: This is the very first motion picture version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a place where prehistoric animals continue to thrive. * RATED NA * [1925](1hr 8min) Phantom From Space: Santa Monica California is the site of an alien landing and fearful humans naturally want to kill the space creatures because they just look so different. Directed by W. Lee Wilder. * NOT RATED * [1953](1hr 12min) Teenagers from Outer Space: An alien from space falls in love with a Earth girl and together they try to stop other aliens from using Earth as a sort of breeding ground for giant lobsters. Directed by Tom Graeff. [1959](1hr 10min)