This category contains movies that are of the drama genre.
The Shock: A group of criminals send a cripple to San Francisco to expose a banker they have been blackmailing but he unexpectedly falls in love with the banker's daughter. Stars: Lon Chaney, Virginia Valli, and Jack Mower. Public domain status: Great. [1923](1hr 3min) Strange Deception: AKA The Forbidden Christ; A former war prisoner is bent on revenge after his brother is shot by a German firing squad. Directed by Curzio Malaparte. [1951](1hr 36min) The Stranger: An investigator from the War Crimes Commission seeks to find an infamous Nazi. Directed by Orson Welles. [1946](1hr 35min) Uncle Tom's Cabin: This movie is NOT based on the real story of Uncle Tom's Cabin it is the perverted version. It's purpose seems to be for shock value through nudity, torture, and bondage set in the time of slavery. [1976](1hr 30min) The Unfaithfuls: A business man wishes to divorce his wife so that he can marry a model. Theft, blackmail, and a suicide ensues. [1953](1hr 28min) Vengeance Valley: A resentful stepbrother acts out of hatred when attempting to keep his father's empire all to himself. Staring Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, and Joanne Dru. Public domain status: Good. [1951](1hr 21min)