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  • Lost World, The: This is the very first motion picture version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a place where prehistoric animals continue to thrive. * RATED NA * [1925](1hr 8min)
  • Werewolf In A Girls Dormitory: Numerous pupils are murdered at an all-girls institution by a wolf-man like beast. Suspicion lies on a newly arrived instructor but is he really the killer? * RATED NR * [1961](1hr 23min)
  • Wasp Woman, The: A beauty products woman produces a youth formulation from a substance obtained from queen wasps. She isn't able to predict the unusual side-effects however. Directed by Roger Corman. * RATED NR * [1959](1hr 12min)
  • Warning from Space: UFO's are noticed over Tokyo and they look like gigantic starfish. One alien takes the form of a well known woman singer and alerts humanity that a meteor will descend on Earth. The looming meteor triggers hot weather while humankind goes and develops a last-chance anti-meteor solution. * RATED NR * [1956](1hr 27min)
  • Thunderbolt: A documentary about the P-47 Thunderbolt fighter aircraft and its function in Europe and the Pacific during the WWII. Starring James Stewart and Lloyd Bridges. * RATED NA * [1947](44min)
  • Witches Mountain, The: Following a nasty separation with his girlfriend, a photojournalist gets a job that takes him to a location in the Pyrenees Mountains in northern Spain. He then meets an attractive independent journalist, who he persuades to join him. They visit an old lodge and discover rumors that the nearest mountain is haunted by a coven of treacherous witches, but continue there regardless. (AKA El monte de las brujas) * RATED NR * [1972](1hr 23min)
  • Half Shot at Sunrise: Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey are two soldiers who go A.O.L. in Paris during World War I. Public domain status: Good. [1930](1hr 18min)
  • Gold Rush, The: Charles Chaplin is a lone prospector who goes to Alaska in search of gold. There he encounters some rough characters and falls in love with a beautiful girl. Public domain status: Great. [1925](1hr 27min)
  • Vengeance Valley: A resentful stepbrother acts out of hatred when attempting to keep his father's empire all to himself. Staring Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, and Joanne Dru. Public domain status: Good. [1951](1hr 21min)
  • General, The: A man loves a woman named Annabelle and a train called The General. During the civil war this same man must prove his valor by rescuing both of his loves. Staring Buster Keaton, Marion Mack, and Glen Cavender. Public domain status: Good. [1927](1hr 46min)

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